The Royal International Air Tattoo – RAF Fairford 21st July

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Wow, what a day!

Steff and I left Cardiff at 5am and headed down the M4 to RAF Fairford for this years’ Royal International Air Tattoo. It’s taken me almost a week to put together a selection of my favourite images from the day and they’re contained in a page on the right.



Skokholm Island

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Just off the coast of Pembrokeshire are two well-known islands… Skomer and Skokholm. I recently had the opportunity to spend the week on Skokholm with 18 other photographers from the Talk Photography forum.

After a half-day delay while the boat was repaired, we finally arrived on a sunny afternoon at the beginning of July. If you get the opportunity, it’s definitely worth a visit and if a week or a weekend is too long for you, you can visit Skomer Island as a day visitor.

I’d like to say a big thanks to Andy from Talk Photography for organising the trip and to the wardens, Giselle and Richard for looking after us while we were there!

Click the link for information about staying on Skokholm.

There’s a page to the right full of images from the trip.


RAF Cosford Air Show

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I’ve been looking forward to air show season getting started…

It was tough to choose between the relative ease of getting to Welshpool and the comprehensive line up of aircraft offered by RAF Cosford.

I think I filled up nearly 48gb of memory cards! My favourite 50 or so are in a page on the right. I hope you like them.


Where has the time gone?

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Looking back, it was last November when I posted on here… The birth of our daughter last year has meant that a lot of things have taken a back seat and this site has been one of them. Little ‘un will be one next month and things are starting to settle down so I’m ready to start putting time back in.

That’s not to say that the last year has been quiet photographically, it certainly hasn’t. Our daughter is so used to seeing the camera now that she automatically smiles when she sees it! Expect to see a gallery of pictures added shortly. I’ve also been busy photographing weddings and other events… Some that have made the press and some that have been a bit more low-key.


Even more sport…

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I’m spending more time shooting (wheeled) sports than almost anything else lately… New Quay hosted a downhill MTB event last Sunday with competitors from all over the country. The course was quite interesting with lots of twists and turns and a reasonable jump near the end.

All in all, it was a good day.

Pictures are viewable in a page on the right –>


More Motorsport!

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I had an invitation to visit Sweet Lamb to watch and photograph the AWDC Rally last Sunday.

I’ve changed a lot of my kit lately and I’m now focussing on quality rather than quantity. The 5DMKII and 7D have been replaced with a  5DMKIII which is a potent tool for this kind of racing especially when used with my EF70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM II

My favourite images from the day are in a page on the right –>


Aberystwyth Floods

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It’s been a bit surreal around here today… Living in the middle of Aberystwyth has felt a bit like being on an island! All around the town is chaos and yet in the centre, it’s been eerily quiet for a Saturday.

As with many others, I went out and about with the camera earlier to see what was happening. The response from the Emergency Services has been incredible… I’ve never heard so many sirens in my life!