Ffotoaber Result!

I meant to update this last night but ended up being far too busy…

“Be at the Morlan Centre on Queens Road for 5pm” we were all told. The results and prizes from the photomarathon were due to be announced so Ayesha and I headed down and met up with Matt, Mark and Tony to find out how everyone got on.

I don’t generally ‘do’ competitions but even I couldn’t help feeling a little apprehensive as the results were announced. Halfway through the proceedings and they got to the award for the best picture on the theme of ‘secret’ and guess what, I won! Apparently, my ugly mug will be in tomorrows Cambrian News which is something I could have done with avoiding! I hate being in front of the camera so I guess it’s lucky that I’m a photographer!

On a far more important note, there were 37 other images that were short-listed as ‘highly commended’. Of the six of us who entered as a kind of ‘group’, every one of us had at least one image in that list. For Natty, Ayesha, Matt, Tony and Mark, I’m really chuffed!

According to the Ffotoaber organisers, there’s going to be a meeting soon to decide how the festival goes forward next year. I’m hoping that next year I can be on hand to help the people who want to learn a bit more about photography and I’ll only shoot the marathon for a bit of fun. As far as I’m concerned, there’s a serious lack of assistance available to anyone in Aberystwyth who wants to enjoy the art. Aberystwyth Camera Club were conspicuous by their absence and only one current member got involved. I can’t believe that only ONE member was available that day!

I think there’s a need for a more informal (and therefore a more inclusive) club within the area that’s more welcoming to people from absolute beginners right through to professional photographers. We need a club where there’s no such thing as a ‘stupid question’ and where as many people as possible can be involved!

Maybe one day soon! 🙂


~ by Si on October 24, 2011.

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