A bit about me…

Hi, my name’s Si Moore and I’m a part time professional photographer living in Aberystwyth, Wales…

The intention of this site is to share and document my favourite photographs and to pass on some of the tips and hints I’ve learnt over the years.

I’ve been through my fair share of hobbies in my time but my earliest ‘serious’ interest was photography… My mother bought me an Olympus XA1 compact camera for Christmas one year and the bug bit deeply. My grandfather was a very keen amateur and my first ‘proper’ 35mm camera came from him in the form of an Olympus OM1n. He said it was the best camera he could think of to teach me the basics of photography and he was absolutely right. Because of that camera, I learnt the finer points of composition, lighting, aperture and shutter speed.

Throughout my working life, photography has come to the fore and then just as quickly taken a back seat again. Either time or money (or both) got in the way of me getting serious until about five years ago. I’d been playing with a friends’ Canon EOS400D and really got on well with it so I decided to buy one.

Five years on and oh how things have changed… The 400D has found a new home with a friend and I’m currently using a Canon EOS 5D MKII and an EOS 7D along with a selection of higher quality lenses… I’ve even been able to add a few of Canon ‘L’ series ones as well!

2008 saw me shoot my first professional wedding and then I joined the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers along with the Society of International Nature and Wildlife Photographers. I wasn’t happy with the way they operated so I left them within a year!

My first love will always be landscapes – specifically coastal scenes – but I’m being drawn into shooting more and more weddings. I decided to join the Royal Photographic Society in April of 2010 which should hopefully give me the opportunity to hone my skills a little more and allow me to study for my Licenciateship distinction.

Photography has also given me a great pastime to share with my daughter Natalie… She’s now in her first year of university studying for a BA (Hons) in photography. As you can imagine, I’m a very proud dad!

I’ve also honed my skills in portrait photography thanks to my wonderful girlfriend Ayesha… She’s been willing to model for me on so many occasions that I’d still be firmly in the dark without her. I’m now a member of the ModelMayhem and Purestorm groups which gives me access to up and coming models who are looking to expand their portfolios.

So there you go… that’s me in a nutshell.

Hopefully you’ll find something of interest on here and if you like something, feel free to let me know!

Thanks for visiting,



2 Responses to “A bit about me…”

  1. Si, been looking at the photos from Sundays banger racing, absolutely amazing images, can’t wait more.
    Jayne (person in loud speaker van !!!)

  2. Hi Si

    Thanks for the link on your front page – realy need to complete the updates on the website now.

    Hope you don’t mind but having read through your Blog I kind of liked the idea of having one so am in process of setting it up.



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