Holywell High: Prom Shoot

Well, I did it… After initially thinking it was a bad idea to do this shoot, my fears were confirmed on the night. The ‘kids’ (they’re mostly 18ish) were full of spirits (in more ways than one) and good fun to work with and for the most part looked absolutely brilliant. Mrs Henry (6th form head) was a laugh but looked like like she could do with some Valium and Mr Putt (the head) wandered around all evening looking for his sense of humour (by God is he difficult to talk to)!

Despite having my lighting gear and background constantly under assault and being shoehorned into a corner by a fire-exit, I think I did ok under the circumstances.

Apologies for the watermarks but I really don’t want my efforts sprawled all over Facebook/Twitter/Bebo/MySpace until I’ve been paid!


2 Responses to “Holywell High: Prom Shoot”

  1. These are great images; I bet the students are really pleased with them and they certainly don’t convey the restrictions of your location. I know from experience of shooting proms they they can be enjoyable but hard work, especially as the evening wears on and spirits become a bit more liberated.


  2. The pictures are great! Sorry about all the hassle.

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