SWPP Portrait Submission Ver.2

I’ve been trawling through my images to try and find 20 that I can put forward for my Licentiateship Award with the Society of Wedding & Portrait Photographers… Although I’ve got plenty of images, I have to find a group of images that show that I’m in control of the medium and can show a competent and ‘marketable’ body of work.

This is my second attempt after the mentors pulled me up on a few different things so hopefully, it’ll all go much more smoothly this time around…

As always, I’d be grateful for your opinions.

Many thanks 🙂

*EDIT* A big thanks to those of you who’ve taken the time to look through all twenty images and pointed out the little things that needed sorting. Big thanks especially goes to Simon Wallace for the in-depth critique… If anyone wants to go and see Simon’s work, take a look at MeltingPot Pictures.


4 Responses to “SWPP Portrait Submission Ver.2”

  1. Looks like a good panel to me, the very best of luck and will keep my fingers crossed for you too

  2. Thanks Martin… That’s very kind of you. I’ve had my mentoring report back from HQ and there are a few things that need tidying up and a few images that need to be replaced.
    Best wishes,

  3. Nice set Si – like every one of these

  4. Hi Si

    All the best with your submission. I think this is a stunning set of images which should do you roud at your panel meeting. I have sent a couple of observations through TP.



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